Thanks to all for the relief efforts after the floods

Thanks to all for the relief efforts after the floods.

We appreciate everyone involved. It is so much of a coming together that is making such a difference in all of our lives. And it would not be possible without your generosity and our love for one another.

We really do care for each other. We are seeing it all in action right in front our very eyes. Let us see how we can build upon our vast outpouring.

We will continue making sure we dispose of all the things that were affected by the floods in the appropriate places like the dumps and landfills designated by the authorities. We do not want to compound our predicament.

We also want to be more self-sufficient. To avoid food poisoning from the effects of the flood, we can grow some of our own herbs, seasonings and vegetables by planting in small containers, the grow box method. We have members here who can assist and give more information.

We can learn more about collecting and saving our own water from off our roofing system. It is called water harvesting. Again we have a very experienced member ready, willing and waiting for your call. More information will be provided.

So we can try to grow some of our food and feel safer eating what we plant and reap. We can also catch our own water in the water harvesting or rain harvesting method, or water catchment.

The goal is to get ourselves to rely more on ourselves for our food and water.

We have shown how we can take things in our own hands, and come together to help one another. Let us build on our efforts. Let us continue to make our community one of love and togetherness. By being more self-sufficient and self-reliant. We can do this. We have seen ourselves in this role and we can take a huge positive from what befell us all.