Aldwyn Roberts – Lord Kitchener

Aldwyn Roberts – Lord Kitchener – The Grandmaster

REAL NAME: Aldwyn Roberts
SOBRIQUET: The Lord Kitchener
PET NAMES: “Kitchie”, “Kitch”, “The Grandmaster”
DATE OF BIRTH: 18 April, 1922
PLACE OF BIRTH: Arima, Trinidad
PARENTS: Blacksmith Stephen and housewife Albertha (Vaneisa Baksh)
EDUCATION: Arima Boys’ Government School (ABG)
ORPHANED: at 15 years
DIED: February 11, 2000, in Trinidad

1938 to 1941: Arima Calypso King
1942: joined the Roving Brigade (Port of Spain)
1944: moved over to the Victory Tent
1945: joined the House of Lords Tent in 1945
1946: returned to the Victory Tent in 1946
1947: opened his own calypso tent, The Young Brigade
1947: left Trinidad; stayed briefly in Aruba and Jamaica
1946: moved to England in June 1948; continued his success for almost 15 years
1963: returned to Trinidad for Carnival 1963
1965: brief return to England
1965: returned to Trinidad, where he spent the rest of his years

1975: won one Calypso Crown with “Tribute to Spree Simon” and “Fever.”

1963: “The Road”; 1964: “Mama Dis Is Mas”; 1965: “My Pussin”; 1967: “Sixty-Seven”; 1968: “Miss Tourist”; 1970: “Margie”; 1971: “Mas In Madison Square Garden”; 1973: “Rain-O-Rama”; 1975: “Tribute to Spree Simon”; 1976 “Flag Woman.”

1964: “Mama Dis Is Mas” (PanAm North Stars)
1967: “Sixty-Seven” (Guinness Cavaliers)
1968: “The Wrecker” (Solo Harmonites)
1969: “The Bull” (CIBC Starlift)
1970: “Margie” (Deperadoes)
1971: “Play Mas” (Solo Harmonites)
1972: “St. Thomas Girl” (Solo Harmonites)
1973: “Rain-O-Rama” (Trinidad All Stars)
1974: “Jericho” (Solo Harmonites);
1975: “Tribute to Spree Simon” (Maritime Life Hatters);
1976: “Pan In Harmony” (Desperadoes)
1977: “Hasely Crawford” (Desperadoes)
1982: “Pan Explosion” (Renegades)
1984: “Sweet Pan” (Renegades)
1985: “Pan Night and Day” (Renegades and Desperadoes – Tie)
1990: “Iron Man” (Renegades)
1993: “Mystery Band” (Renegades)
1997: “Guitar Pan (Renegades)”

1969 – Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Silver for Calypso

Information courtesy Ronald C. Emrit and Vaneisa Baksh
Contributed by BridgetAnn Reyes.

Kitchener is responsible for the development of many calypsonians, one of whom is Lord Melody, Fitzroy Alexander.

Melody was born in San Fernando, Trinidad, however, he grew up at an orphanage.

While Melody was still a teenager, Lord Kitchener took him to Arima, kept him under his wings, and developed him into a notable calypsonian, both in Trinidad and other Caribbean islands.

Melody’s career started in the 1940s, and at one time, he was one of the main challengers of Kitchener. He won the Calypso Monarch in 1954.

Some of his performances include, Mama Look A BooBoo (BooBoo Man), The River, Sugar Jam, Belmont Jackass, Shame and Scandal, Si Senor, Kathleen, The Jumbie, Donkey Race, Jonah and the Bake”, etc.

The Grand Master of Calypso, The Lord Kitchener passed away on February 11th, 2000.

His final album, “Classic Kitch” included this ironic tune, in which he responds to questions about his youthful look and energy.

As usual, his lyrics were impeccable, and his music outstanding.

To the end he lived up to his sobriquet as “The Grand Master” 

From the last album recorded by the late great Lord Kitchener titled “CLASSIC KITCH”, here is “Kitch wey yuh doing (that have you looking so young”)

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