Andrew Kenneth Marin

By Kazim Abasali

Andrew Kenneth Marin was born in Arima, Trinidad, West Indies. He was the fifth child in a family of seventeen children – ten girls and seven boys.

Born on November 10th, 1934 at Broadway, Arima, Andrew Kenneth Marin was more familiarly known as Ken. He moved with his family from Broadway, Arima to Railway Street, Arima, where he now resides with his wife Monica Marin (nee Peschier).

His early education at Arima Boys’ R. C. Primary School was followed by a secondary education at Osmond High School.

After completing his secondary education at Osmond High School, he joined the teaching fraternity with his first appointment at Cumana R. C. School, about forty plus miles from his home.

Ken then taught at Talparo R. C. School and Malabar R. C. School before entering Government Teachers’ Training College where he spent two years.

On his return from Teachers’ College, he was posted at Arima Boys’ R. C. School, his Alma Mater.

Thereafter, Ken pursued a course in Physical Education successfully at City of Leeds and Carnegie College in Leeds, England from August 1968 to July 1969 – Diploma in Physical Education.

Later on Ken successfully completed a Physical Educational Course of Study at the B.S. Level at the Howard University, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. fom 1979 -1981.

Employment – Teaching
1) Primary School – Teaching Physical Education.
2) Secondary School – Teaching Physical Education.
3) Ministry of Sports – Physical Education and Sports Officer 11.

Ken retired from the Government Service in the year 1992.

By Kazim Abasali

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