Arima History Introduction

Contributed by Frank Christo

The Arima History Forum intends to foster the conservation of the historical and cultural significance of Arima by documenting the memories it holds, the traditions that are anchored in its individuals and communities and to tell the history of the town as a whole, in order to promote its wellbeing in ways that are too often unrecognized.

We aim to provide Arimians with a unique repository of information that reveals our history and cements our traditions so when our history is threatened; when an individual needs information; when a student needs to conduct research or when a contractor wants to make informed decisions, they can explore the data.

We plan to achieve this through the submission of written and valid contributions from those who possess such knowledge, either through personal experiences over the years or through interviews conducted with others.

We expect contributors to this forum would:

  • Identify places or individuals of public significance that contributed to the history of Arima and assist us in understanding why and how those places or persons are meaningful to the public
  • Provide reliable sources of information, especially for debatable issues.

ARIMA is the Amerindian word for “water”. It was so named as the village was built around a river. It comprises eight districts each of which is represented by an elected councilor: Calvary, Arima North East, Arima Central, Malabar North, Malabar South, and Arima South/O’Meara. In addition, there are 4 appointed Aldermen. The mayor is also appointed.

It is completely surrounded by the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation and is located 16 miles due east of PoS in the foothills of the northern range. The Arima river and the Mausica river are the two main waterways in Arima.

The Arrival of the Railway – 31st August 1876 – on the Feast of Santa Rosa.

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