Arima Personalities

In this ‘Arima Personalities’ section, we seek to pay tribute to those many Arimians who have served and contributed over the years and to those others who are still serving and contributing in so many different ways to our beloved Arima Community, nationally, regionally, and internationally.

Some are well-known, others less well-known but all have contributed to the fabric of our society.

Your every act, in whatever capacity, has made a huge difference to the borough which will always be our home regardless of where in the world we may currently reside.

This section is in recognition of, in deep appreciation for, and with tremendous gratitude for all you have done.

Thank you so very much.

Arima Mayors

Kazim Abasali – Digital Artist/Community Service
Raffick Abasali – Business/Community Service/Politics
Samuel Abraham (Brigo) – Culture
Hubert Alexander (Sir John) – Journalism/Photography
Dr. David Ali– Medicine
Egbert W. Alleyne – Politics
Ian Alvarez (Bunji Garlin) – Music
Doris Salvary-Andalcio – Community Service/Girl Guides
The Antoine Family
Dr. Robin Antoine – Education
Rose-Marie Belle Antoine – Education/Law
Therese Antoine – Religion
Ainsley Armstrong – Sports/Athletics
Mervyn Assam – Business/Politics
Maxi Assee – Prominent Citizen
Carmen Assue – Education
Sulan Assue – Education/Community Service
Ray Astor – Sports/Athletics/Social Service

Fitzgerald Baboolal (Lutch) – Education
Brandon Bailey – Sports/Weighlifting
Dr. Brendan Bain – Medicine
Brian Bain – Prominent Citizen
Charlie C.Z. Bain – Cricket Umpire/Prominent Citizen
Haroon Alvin Baksh – Business/Sports/Horse-Racing
Hamid Baksh – Business/Jeweller
Shahid Baksh – Civil Service
Vivian Baksh – Education
Ken Balbos – Sports/Football
Prince Bartholomew – Sports/Cricket
Georgiana Beckles – Social Worker/Education
Andre Belix – Fashion
Roger Belix – Business/Community Service
Felix Bellamy – Business/Politics
Hilary Juliet Bernard – Politics/ Sports/Athletics
Jules Bernard – Police Service
Dr. Clifton Bertrand (Cliff) – Education/Sports/Athletics/Coaching
Holly Betaudier – Arts/Culture
Ursula Bleasdell (Auntie Babsie) – Religion/Community Service
Basil Bonair – Sports/Horse-Racing/Trainer
Dale Boyce – Sports/Tennis
Edward Boyce – Education
Dr. Chapman Boyd (Chappie) – Medicine
Johnnie Brooks – Education/Social Service/Politics
Darrel Brown – Sports/Athletics
Andrew Bruce – Sports/Athletics/Broadcasting

Adrian Cabralis – Politics
Stephen Cadiz – Business/Politics
Frank Cardinez (Uncle Frank) – Wellness
Dr. Gerald Rupert Sears-Carter (Gerry)– Medicine
Paul Castillo – Community Service
Michael Cedeno (Ceds) – Business
Francis Cezair (Jubal)– Sports/Football Referee
Louisa Dorsey Cezair – Politics
Percival Cezair (Percy) – Politics
Tony Cezair – Culture /Music – Pan
Wayne Cezair – Business /Music Producer
Ahoy Chai (Fat Boy)– Arts/Community Service
Anafise Charles – Politics
Rigsby Pius Charles – Social Service
Lawrence Chin – Business
Vere Chinaleong – Education/Music
Raymond Choo Kong – The Arts
Rupert Clovis – Politics/Business/Insurance
Fr. Stewart Cooper– Religion/Anglican
Mikey Coryat – Media

Mrs. Darbreau – Social Work
Lionel D’Arceuil – Sports/Table Tennis
Gerald David – Education
Edmund De Freitas – Sports/Horse-racing
Trevor De Freitas – Sports/Horse-racing
Zepherino De Freitas (Zephy) – Sports/Horse-racing/Trainer
Keith Denalli – Politics
Salan Denalli – Education
Nalini Dial – Business/Community Service/Politics
Hubert Peter Diaz (The Flagman) – Community Service 
Monty Downes – Education/Music
Eustace Draper – Prominent Citizen
Gordon Draper – Education/Politics
Dr. Jean Antoine-Dunne – Writer (Author), Educator

Elvin Edwards (Elo) – Politics
Vincent Edwards – Prominent Citizen
Winston Emmanuel – Sports/Education

Paul Faustin– Business
Bertie Fermin – Music/Parang
Fr. Edward Foley – Education/Social Service
Ashton Ford – Politics
Hilton Francis – Sports/Cricket/Public Service

Winston Garcia – Social Services/Music – People of Praise
Felix Gay – Sports/Football/FIFA Referee
Aubert Geoffry (Br. Navis) – Sports/Coaching
Fitzroy George (Roy) Prominent Citizen/Fire Officer
Peter Girwar – Education
Neil Giuseppi – Broadcaster/Media/Education/Author
Neville Giusepppi – Education/Author
Undine Giuseppi – Education/Author
Bertrand Gomes (Randy) – Sports / Cricket
Cecil Gomes – Sports/Cricket 
Gregory Gomes – Sports/Cricket
Hilary Angelo Gomes (Larry) – Sports/Cricket/Coach
Lester Gomes – Sports/Tennis/Coach
Sheldon Gomes – Sports/Cricket/Coach
Russell Gopie – Community Service/Social Service
Herman Griffith – Sports/Cricket
Dr. Rupert Griffith – Politics
Lori de Jesus Gulston – Fashion/Model/Community Service

George Hadeed – Politics/Business/Community Service
Trevor Hamilton – Business/Social Service 
Dr. Ralph Henry– Economist
Flloyd Hernandez – Community Service/Conservation/Environment
Ricardo Bharath Hernandez– Community Service/Politics/Culture/Indigenous Leader
Dennis Hicks – Education/Community Service
Marcelle Hicks – Sports/Table Tennis
Senator Louise Horne – Politics/Community Service
Anthony Husbands (Tony) – Sports/Athletics

Clayton Ince – Sports/Football

Carlos James (Skatie) – Arts/Culture
Cyril Lionel Robert James (CLR James) – Author/Politics
Cecil Jeffers – Business/Insurance
Rose Janniere – Politics
Collette John – Social Service 
Earl John – Sports/Administration 
Neville John – Arts&Culture/Steelband
Charlie Joseph – Sports/Atlethics/Coach
Keith Joseph (Keithos) – Sports/Football
Victor Joseph – Business
Lisa Roxanne Morris-Julian – Politics/Education

Derek Khan – Fashion
Faiz Khan – Business/Jewellery 
Shaffique Khan – Business/Jewellery/Sports/Horse-Racing/Trainer
Sister Lily Kirton– Health
Pearl Margaret Kistow – Social Work
Norman Kistow – Politics

Nadia La Fond (Nadie) – Music/Singer/Recording Artist
Fred Lala – Education
Dave Lalla – Finance
John La Rose – Poet, Essayist, Trade Unionist, Activist
Eugene John Laurent – Education
Dr. Eugene Laurent – Medicine
Dennis Law – Business
Deon Lendore – Sports/Athletics
Cecil Liverpool– Police Service
Cyracious Liverpool
Anthony Hing King Look Loy – Civil Service/Social Service 
Keith Look Loy – Sports/Football 
Leon Lopez – Community Service/Scouting
Edgar Lynch – Education

Jones P Madeira – Broadcasting/Media
Carl Madoo – Sports/Social Service
Balliram Maharaj – Business/Community Service
Cleve Mannette– Education/Community Service
Andrew Kenneth Marin– Education/Physical Education
Clyde Marin– Business
Ainsley Mark – Prominent Citizen
Perry Martin – Sports
Edmund Mathura (DJ Pro) – Business/Music
Richard Mayers (Nappy) – Music/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Recording Artist
David McIvor – Arts/Culture/Designer
Edward Metivier – Politics
Leslie Mitchell – Prominent Citizen
Noor Kenny Mohammed – Police Service
Fr. Rudy Mohammed– Religion
Emmanuel Moolchan – Prominent Citizen
Mervyn Moolchan – Business/Insurance
Nicolin Carol Moore – Education/Social Service
Francis Morean – Historian/Community Service
Leroy Morris – Politics/Business

Eustace Nancis – Politics
Jerry Narace – Business/Politics
Clinton Narine – Immigration Services
Jareth Narine – Politics
Sunil Philip Narine – Sports/Cricket
Christopher Nath – Law/Community Service
Atherly Nicolas – Religion/Music/Gospel
Terry Noel – Culture
Dr. Nigel Noriega – Biologist

Paddy and Mayotte O’Connor – Social Work
Soleto Oliverie – Arts/Culture 

Lennox Pamphille – Sports/Cricket
Patrick Pamphille – Sports
Michael Paul – Sports/Athletics
Henry Pereira – Public Service
Monsignor Urban Peschier – Religion – Catholic
Henry Peters – Education
Lennard Peters – Sports/Athletics
Laura Pierre – Sports/Athletics
Dr. Lennox Pierre – Medicine
Ulmont Pierre – Prominent Citizen
Mrs. Ulmont Pierre – Education
Gloria Thomasos Pollard – Politics

Lewis Ebenezer Quamina – Promient Citizen/Fire Officer

John Rahael (Johnny) – Politics/Business
Eden Rahim – Politics/Business
Richard Ragoobarsingh – The Arts
Claude Raghunanan – Education
Joyce Erlynne Rose Ramcharan – Education/Politics/Community Service
Dr. Lloyd Ramcharan – Medicine/Community Service/Social Service 
Matthew Ramcharan – Politics
Theophilus Rampersad – Education
Neville Redman– Business/Eat Rite
Elma Reyes – Community Service/Historian/Journalist
Aldrwyn Roberts (Lord Kitcherner)  – Arts/Culture
Frank Rodriguez – Prominent Citizen
Robert Rogers– Civil Service
John Rojas – Trade Union Service

Joyce Sammy– Education
Henry Henderson Saunders– Education/Science
Prof. Ramsey Saunders– Education/Science
Anthony Sellier – Sports/Cycling
Christopher Sellier – Sports/Cycling
Winston Short – Sports/Athletics
Philip Verant Simmons (Pip) – Sports/Cricketer/Coach
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Songui – Business/Social Service
Edmund Springer – Education
Cecil St Louis – Culture/Community Service
Roger St Louis – Religion/Community Service
Keith Subero – Media

Roland Thomas – Education/Social Service
Valerie Laurent Thomas – Dietitian/Nutritionist/Diabetes Educator
Clytus Arnold Thomasos (C A Thomasos) – Politics/Author
Alfred Thompson – Politics/Business
Mickey Trotman – Sports/Football

Stephen Wade – Sports/Table Tennis/Coaching
Kennedy Walcott – Art/Painting 
Cecil Walker – Sports/Athletics/Coaching
Mayor John Francis Wallen – Politics
L. Anthony Watkins – Business
Dr. Lawrence Watkins (Laurie) – Medicine
Raymond Watkins (Ray) – Community Service/Scouting
Mrs. Raymond Watkins – Education
Tony Williams– Sports/ Horse Racing/Trainer
Claude Wong – Business/Social Service
Jimmy Wong – Broadcasting/Media

Lennox Yeawood – Sports/Athletics
John Young (Johnny) – Education/Business
Ghassan Youseph – Politics/Business

Kazim Abasali is a multimedia artist who enjoys creating his empowering and inspiring art, music, videos, ebooks, published articles, and websites, for himself and others.

To access his artistic projects, kindly visit his website.

“Empower with Art” – Hearts empowering lives.

Are you interested in contributing to the community, or helping out and serving in your locality? Your every act, in whatever capacity, makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things and is deeply appreciated.

To learn more, for tips and resources, kindly visit our “Empower with Art” website.

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