Member of Parliament for Arima Constituency

The Honourable Penelope “Penny” Beckles, MP for Arima
Constituency Office:
37 Pro Queen St , Arima
Tel: 1-868-667-3289

The Honourable Lisa Roxanne Morris-Julian
Member of Parliament for D’Abadie / Omeara
D’Abadie / Omeara Outreach Group
The constituency office is located at Corner 2nd Street and Tumpuna Rd, Arima. Office hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm. MP’s office hours are on Thursdays from 2 pm. Please contact 225-2423 to schedule and appointment with your MP.

Arima Borough Corporation
Cor. Hollis Ave. & Woodford Streets, Arima, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.
Tel: 1 (868) 667-3435/3508/4319
Fax: 1 (868) 667-1010
Facebook Group:
This Facebook Group space is an alternative forum to contact your local government representative. To voice specific concerns ( roads, drains, bushes, etc. ) or give suggestions geared towards uplifting our beloved borough. Admins will alert your respective councillor. Please feel free to add any Arimian.
Arima Volunteer Network
List of Council Members with Contact Info
Maps of Arima Borough Corporation

Arima Borough Councillors & Aldermen

Councillor Kendal Charles
Arima North East
Office: 1-868-667-6661
Eastern Main Road Maturita Village Arima (Mama’s Mall)
Tel:(868) 465-1416

Councillor Michael Castellano
Tel:(868) 799-8027

Councillor Anthony Davis
Arima West/O’Meara
Tel: (868) 469-5933

Councillor Brennon Patterson
Tel: (868) 799-6522

Councillor Bertiney Pollidore
Malabar South
Tel: (868) 724-9541

Councillor Linette Shaffie-Ramcharan
Malabar North
Tel: (868) 469-6985

Alderman John Austin Joseph
Tel:(868) 667-3449

Alderman St. Servius Clint Pamphille

Alderman Annette Mungal-Gopaul

ABC Municipal Police Department
Head of Department – Inspector
Contact No – 667-3261

ABC Public Health Department
Head of Department – Medical Officer of Health
Contact No – 667-3435 / 3508

ABC Engineering/Works Department
Head of Department – Town Superintendent
Superintendent – Engineering Assistant II
Contact No – 667-3435 / 3508 – Ext. 23

ABC Personnel Department
Head of Department – Personnel & Industrial Relations Officer II
Contact No – 667-3435 / 3508 – EXT. 28 & 34