Asa Wright Centre


Together with her husband Newcome Wright, Asa came to Trinidad to settle at Springhill in 1946.

Born in Iceland in 1892, Asa was left to carry on the estate when Newcome died in 1955.

Friends who enjoyed the flora and fauna of the Arima valley would spend time at Asa’s home, hanging out on the large verandah.

With the encouragement of her friends, Don and Ginny Eckelberry and Jonnie Fisk, Asa agreed to deed the Springhill estate as a nature centre.

Her neighbour in Verdant Vale was William Beebe; his tropical research station at Simla was later added to the lands of the nature centre.

The Asa Wright Nature Centre was established in 1967.

Asa died in 1971 and is buried in Lapeyrouse Cemetery.

Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge