Community Groups


Santa Rosa First Peoples Community
The Santa Rosa Amerindian Community is the only organized area of Amerindian Survival in Trinidad and Tobago. They were formally recognized as representative of the Indigenous Amerindians of the twin-island state by the National Government in 1980.
#7 Paul Mitchell Street, Arima
Tel: 1-868-664-1897


Arima Borough Council Community
This Facebook Group space is an alternative forum to contact your local government representative. To voice specific concerns ( roads, drains, bushes, etc. ) or give suggestions geared towards uplifting our beloved borough. Admins will alert your respective councillor. Please feel free to add any Arimian.

Arouca Community Council
The Arouca Community Centre was built to be utilised by the people of Arouca for all means of human and social advancement. The Arouca Community Council stands as the organisation founded to facilitate this growth and empowerment.
#3 Victoria Street, Arouca
Tel: 1-868-294-1096;755-1091;767-3558;736-2039

Brazil Community Council

Carapo Development Foundation
The Carapo Development Foundation was the conception of the need to preserve the interest, peace, heritage and the forward movement of the community.
Tel: 1-868-323-6343

D’Abadie Community Centre
LP#3 John Trace, D’Abadie
Tel: 1-868-643-7109

Upper Malabar Community Centre
The Upper Malabar Community Centre is a facility for the Malabar Community. The Centre is available for rental for functions and meetings.
The Malabar Community Council oversees the operations and activities of the Upper Malabar Community Centre. 
Malabar Road, Malabar, Town Of Arima, Arima
1-868-756-9980 / 1-868-782-0776

Malabar Community Council
The Malabar Community Council is about bringing the people of Malabar together to participate in activities that will promote togetherness.
The Malabar Community Council oversees the operations and activities of the Upper Malabar Community Centre. The Centre is available for rental for functions and meetings.
1-868-730-2936 / 1-868-756-9980

Malabar/Arima Non Government Organisation
Malabar/Arima Non Government Organisation focus is on poverty alleviation, health and community development in Arima.
To distribute to needy families and citizens goods and services provided by charitable organisations and individuals.
To provide basic education skills, health advice, environmental concerns and other basic services.
To provide seminars from specialist agencies on selected home related topics e.g. birth control, home gardens, nutrition etc.
To provide other services as required and identified by this community.
To promote community togetherness and development.
1-868-356-0005 / 1-868-756-9980

Pinto Road CAC
Facebook Group page was created to advertise activities and programmes that would be hosted within the Pinto Road, Arima community.

Samaroo Village Community Council
Samaroo Village Community Centre
The Community Council is a voluntary, non-political, non-governmental organization operating within a defined area. It is the co-ordinating agency for community improvement and its main function is to promote the interests and welfare of the community. Its members, both male and female, are drawn from every sector of the community regardless of colour, class, creed, religion, status or political affiliation.
The Mission of the Samaroo Village Community Council is to be the main instrument between the residents and all Government agencies, NGOs and CBOs.

Community Groups

Arima Vibes
All persons in and around the Borough of Arima, we want your vibes! Help us build a community of which we can all be proud.
Arima Vibes began with the primary aim of recreating a sense of community within the Borough of Arima and environs.
Arima Vibes thus seeks to provide an inclusive, peer-supported medium which engenders a sense of self-worth and purpose among its membership; which stimulates civic-mindedness and which empowers members to contribute confidently and meaningfully to society.
To this end, Arima Vibes hopes to facilitate capacity-building workshops and create micro-enterprises utilizing the community’s human resource.
Honeybee Drive, Byepass Road, Arima
​Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
Email contact:
Phone contact: Jesse @ 1 (868) 766-8480

Arima We For
This is a non political group, dedicated to the pursuit of the enhancement of the quality of life in the Royal Chartered Borough.
Members are invited to respectfully express their views, ideas and suggestions for the enhancement of the aesthetics of our physical space, the improvement of our infrastructure and the delivery of services in Arima, as well as attempt to recapture some memories and the charm that we have lost over the years.

Arima Youth Leaders
Our mission is to plan and execute activities and events to empower our nation’s youths.

Dr Cliff Bertrand Caribbean and American Insights on Sports and Education
Dr. Cliff Bertrand shares his Insights on Track & Field Sports, and Education, having been a Trinidad & Tobago Olympian, and a New York City School Administrator.

The National Parang Association
To preserve, promote and develop Parang Music.
22 Hollis Avenue, Arima
1-868-678-9342; 1-868-378-1869; 1-868-758-4187

Tri-Hi: Behavior, Education & Career Creation
Tri-Hi, which is an affiliate to DeHix, is a non-profit organisation that believes Education, Human Behavior and Development are the key elements required in the learning process.
Our focus is to enhance the lives of the needy through education, together with personal and social guidance to brighten the sad eyes that cry for hope.
We encourage our clients to become self-sufficient and utilize their creative potentials as we guide them through life and career paths to develop and fulfill their dreams.

You no yuh from arima if or when ?
Remembering Arima, how it was and the pride there is to being an Arimian.