Dog Patch

I have been living in Arima for some time now in Providence Circle and I am curious to why people frown and call the area Dog Patch.

The story I got was that long time there was a lot of dogs that rushed anyone, including cars ,who was walking or riding by.

I assumed that the properties were not fenced either.

Because there were dogs with dodo on the street from beginning to end. You had to walk like pink panther and a stick in your hand.

It has been called Dog Patch since at least the 1940s. It has something to do with the popular “Lil Abner” newspaper comic strip of the day, which was set in a place called Dog Patch.

The dogs were incidental. Most of those dogs were strays that people fed so they stayed. As a matter of fact “cats” may have played a more significant role in the “sobriquet” for Providence Circular Road.

Mr. Edward Metivier said:

Just as Desperadoes dropped their “first name”, we now call the area D’ Patch.

There are different versions of how the name arose. As a born (1950’s) and bred Patchian, I still don’t know which is correct.

There is a story that outsiders who visited “ladies of the night” at the barracks (up the hill) near the Baptist Church, gave the area the name, whether this had anything to do with the Lil Abner comics is a matter of conjecture.

As a youth, even though I was from the district, I too had to carry a stick or stones to fend off the numerous street dogs when walking.

Originally, just the area from down the hill by the Baptist Church to the Eastern Main Road was called Dog Patch, later on the entire area reaching to Railway Road (the Anglican Cemetery) adopted the name.

However, the name arose, I am proud to be from that neighbourhood.