Dr. Cliff Bertrand, Founder of Abilene Wildcats

Dr. Cliff Bertrand; Founder of Abilene Wildcats

Celebrating 56 years of service to the borough of Arima

Back in 1963, the question was asked:
“How can we make a contribution to the permanency of sports in Arima? In order to ensure going a step beyond wishful thinking.

We wanted to facilitate Sports in Arima; that would empower exploration to really make a difference as an organization in the communities of Arima and surroundings, in which we live, work, play and explore?

Arimians are a very special people; they love Arima; this knowledge packaged a wholesome advantage to boost Arima as the epicenter of sports development in Trinidad &Tobago.

Our questions fashioned where answers should materialize and surface through the corridors of time and service. We were determined to be sports servants.

This spirit allowed us to tap into our community’s human capital resources: passions, engagement, commitment and implementation of a bravura well-intentioned to connect with the realities of our Royal Borough’s Political and Sports developmental ambitions.

The mayor Percy Caesar and more importantly the Town Clerk Mr. Rogers and Grounds Clerk Mr. Batson was approached for advice and consent from these connections came: the Community Center on Anglican street, the Velodrome in the Old Santa Rosa race savannah, a Tennis, Basketball and Netball courts were built, these areas complemented the existing Soccer and Cricket playing fields.

Our intention to move forward required the services of Doctors, Dentists, and Business People and most encouragingly the wisdom and blessings of the Arima people.

We obtained the services of Dr. Eugene Laurent, Dr. Carter, (MDS), Dentists; Ms. Ruby Atwell -Ferguson ; First Aide , Nurse Annie Robertine “Tidd” Artherton –Arima Hospital;
“Boss” Maragh; Ragoo Bombpart; Mr &Mrs Charles Morris.

We needed Tutors for our Cambridge bound kids: Mr. Earl John, Mr. Ralph Henry; Mr. Cecil Walker;

We needed the Church involvement Fr. Murphy, Fr. Foley came on board;

We needed Transportation, Mr. Fred Lathuillerie. “PIGGY” Nanlal. Ernest Armstrong, this team was anchored by Stanley Harding, Emmanuel “Bobbots” Seifert, Mary Seifert, Calvin “Rod” Philips.

“Abilene wildcats “was now ready to meet the challenge. Young people came to meet the challenge; adults came to support as they embraced the opportunity to serve.

Abilene participated in Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Arawak debates, and Track&Field.

Now 56 years from the genesis of an idea, Abilene has been making connections serving youths of the borough and beyond.

The administration of Abilene, the competitors, the parents, the off the street supporters have joined together to make Abilene stronger and better. They are doing a fantastic job with youth development.

The administration is now engaged in the digital generation explorations.

Abilene now faces the challenge of time frame and beyond.

Diverse service opportunities including Working with a support mobility based challenged kids and adults;

Delivering charitable items to seniors and families in need; working with non-partisan organizations.

The time invested here would help to improve the quality of life for its members.it would boost their understanding of making connections of global magnitude.

Dr. Cliff Bertrand; Founder of Abilene Wildcats