Dr. Robin Antoine


Educational Background
Ph.D. (Statistics); Florida State University
M.S. (Statistics); Florida State University
M.Sc. (Mathematics); The University of the West Indies
B.Sc. (Mathematics); The University of the West Indies
Holy Cross College, Arima, Trinidad and Tobago

Recent Publications
B. Roopchandsingh, F Ali, I Dialsingh, R Antoine , A. Sahai, S. Maharaj, S. Panday, F. Mohammed, S. Ali, A.Niamath, C. Persad. “Barriers to Implementation of performance based management practices in pharmacies in a developing country”. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. IJPSR (2012) Vol 3, Issue 10, 3881 – 3996.

Parey, B., Addison, L., Maurice, B., Mark, K. L., Tripathi, V., Wahid, S., Antoine, R., ‘Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Emergency Contraceptives among Tertiary Level Students in Trinidad: A cross-sectional survey’, West Indian Journal of Medicine, 2010.

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Antoine, R., Sahai, A., Addison, L., ‘On a Two – Phase Iterative – Sandwich Algorithm for Improved Polynomial Approximation by a Modified Lupas Operator using Statistical Perspectives’, International Journal of Eng. And Tech.,Vol 293, 2010, pp 176 – 181.

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Michelle Monteil, Gina Joseph, Catherine Chang Kit, Gillian Wheeler and Robin Antoine. ‘A Comparison of Prevalence and Severity of Asthma among Adolescents in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago: results of a nation-wide Survey’, BMC Public Health 5:96, 2005.

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