Flloyd Hernandez

Flloyd Hernandez was born in Arima, Trinidad. He attended Arima New Government School, then Holy Cross College, Arima.

After his school education he worked on the port. He founded Upstate Basketball Club, a top team in the ’80s. He was the president of the Arima Basketball League, the top league in the country in the early to mid ’80s.

He owns a screen printing business. And with his internet connection, in his spare time, he decided to lobby for betterment in Arima.

He represents the common man. He wants their voices heard. He wants Arima restored to its pristine beauty. And will not settle for less !!!

He sticks his neck out. He is an advocate, a social activist – all for a good cause – which is the very best for Arima.

Flloyd is a community worker. He has the support of thousands of Arimians. And they all work constructively together in discussions in a forum about Arima, in one of the most vibrant Arima Facebook Groups – Arima We For.

Arima We For was created by Flloyd to look after our Arima in our time, in our generation. He knows it is a labour of love because it is selfless service. It is a legacy to pass on to our future generations. Like how we were blessed to be born in Arima under loving, responsible parents and guardians.

The present Arima Mayor, Lisa Morris-Julian, refers to Flloyd Hernandez as “the Arima Facebook Mayor”. This is a tribute to Flloyd. However, Flloyd is a very humble soul who prefers the light be shone elsewhere where it matters – the continued upliftment of an Arima of which we all can be proud.

By Kazim Abasali

Kazim Abasali is a multimedia artist who enjoys creating his empowering and inspiring art, music, videos, ebooks, published articles, and websites, for himself and others. To access his artistic projects, kindly visit his website.

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