Frank Christo’s Compilation of the History of Arima

Frank Christo’s Compilation of Everything Arima.

This documenting of the History of Arima by Frank Christo is under the auspices of our former Mayor of Arima Lisa Morris-Julian, and now present Member of Parliament for D’abadie O’meara.


Arima History





  • Fulham (This club produced three of Arima’s mayors: Leroy Morris, Aston Ford and Elton Edwards. Info Needed)
  • Eclipse Sports Club (An Arima Sporting Club both with a tremendous history of cricket in Arima. In fact, Pip (Phil Simmons) started his club cricket with Eclipse. Info Needed)
  • Sporting Club (Info Needed)
  • Hotspurs
  • Glensdale (From the Malabar area. Info Needed)
  • Memphis
  • Ramsbottom (Noreiga was founder and president. Info Needed)
  • Ruse Football
  • Dodgers (Info Needed)
  • Cyclones (Info Needed)
  • Creek Sports Club (Info Needed)
  • Nettoville Pistons (Basketball)
  • Abilene Wildcats Athletics
  • Arima Tennis Club (Founded in 1929. Info Needed)

Cricket Personalities:

Horse Racing

Indigenous People

Some Area History



People Stories


The Cinemas:


  • Marlay – Hardware (Info Needed)
  • Law – Ideal Supply Store (Info Needed)
  • Drugstores (Info Needed)

Arima Personalities

Memorable Characters

Other Landmarks and Old Houses

Anglican Presbytery

Anifese Charles House (oppposite Town Hall)

Another Old Chinese Shop

Cottage on Woodford St.

First Mayor’s House

Henry Kong’s Shop

House on De Ganes St.

Mayor Hosein’s House

Ministry of Works (near Hospital)

La Concordia (Longden and Hosein Sts.)

Old Barracks

Old Hospital

Another Old House

Old Madiera House

Old Post Office

Old Rum Shop

On O’meara Rd.

Tapia House near Adventist Church

The Dial

Over D Bridge House

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