Ghassan Youseph

Ghassan Youseph is a first generation immigrant who was born in Syria in 1954 and made Trinidad his home in 1970 at the age of 15.

He attended up to Secondary School Level in Syria before joining the business community in Trinidad.

Ghassan married Arima-born Angela Rahael in 1977 and has been a proud burgess of Arima since 1984.

He has had the privilege of serving as Mayor of Arima from 2010 – 2013 and continues to work avidly for the betterment of the Borough of Arima.

Former Arima Mayor Ghassan Youseph (2010-2013) at Eastern Credit Union Hall – Civic Ceremony of Arima’s 125th Anniversary as a Royal Chartered Borough.
Ghassan Youseph with wife Angela and Fr. Christian Pereira at Santa Rosa RC Church
That was a picture taken in 2013 when Former Acting Prime Minister Winston Dookeran visited the 25 acre of land that was given to the First People in Arima. From L-R: Former Councillor Wayne Bertrand, Former Alderman Beverly Ali, Former Mayor Ghassan Youseph, Former Acting Prime Minister Winston Dookeran, First People’s Queen Jennifer Cassar, Former Deputy Mayor Patricia Metivier, Former Arima Borough Corporation CEO Ronald Bobb, Former Councillor Vidya Mahabir, First People’s Chief Ricardo Barath Hernandez.
Former Arima Mayors, From L-R: : Elvin Edwards 1996-2003, Keith Denalli 1989-1992, Ashton Ford 1980-1981, Ghassan Youseph 2010-2013, Norman Kistow 1981-1983, and Adrian Cabralis 2006-2010. Photo taken at Eastern Credit Union Hall – Civic Ceremony of Arima’s 125th Anniversary as a Royal Chartered Borough.
Former Arima Mayors: Ghassan Youseph, Elvin Edwards and George Hadeed
Former Arima Mayors: Ghassan Youseph 2010-2013, Elvin Edwards 1996-2003, and George Hadeed 2013-2016.

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