This Arima Community Info Resource Centre is a repository of our past and present that serve our Beloved Arima Community – As we continue to work in peace, love, and harmony for the betterment of our people.

This project is being facilitated by Kazim Abasali.

This public service to our beloved Arima community is being facilitated in collaboration with our beloved Arimians, as we help support and serve one another.

“The question of writing the History of Arima.
I feel that there can be no ownership of the position.
We have many scribes in and from the Borough of Arima.
This should not be a photo opt response pursuit.
It must embrace “the Generations”: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, and the yet to be born.
It requires among other things: Passion, Purpose, People, Buildings, Activities, etc.
We live in a changed and forever changing Arima. Because of this; the self-appointed author can’t do it by him/herself.
The scary part of the assignment is to know the fan base; To go after the “Gold “he/she must want to do it. Must be prepared for it; Must face the challenge. Work ethic, drive, projecting Arima, build an objective defense against egotistic people; Adaptation, want to learn and be detailed; to use the right vehicle to get the message across and yet to be determined expectations.
Technically he/she should research.
Qualitative research can produce detailed information from where one can identify a number of themes and patterns. A conceptual framework is then developed by summarizing the mental image of the themes and patterns that are emerging from the data.
For guidance on how to develop conceptual frameworks. Go surround yourself with unselfish people.
The “I” “I”, “Me” “Me” people must be observed but not tolerated. Get untapped computer literate people involved! Twitters, Instagramers, Facebookers, Snapchatters, etc.”

Dr. Cliff Bertrand

Frank Christo’s Compilation of the History of Arima

Francis Morean History of Arima Articles Series

Francis Morean photo

Santa Rosa Carib Community of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago