Founded in the 60s in the Over d Bridge area of Arima. Its first executive was: President – Mr. Felix Gay, Secretary – Franklin Christo, Treasurer – Gook, Captain – Pablo Gonzales.

Other members and players: “Concrete” Delfish, Malcolm Gonzales, Froggy, Clayton Briggs, Ahing Oliver, Popo Oliver, Keith Ruiz, Cigarette Moreno, Peter ‘Ballam’ Pereira (rip) – Goalie. Those opposing forwards had to show respect to Ballam. He was quite a colourful character between the goalposts.

“My father talked about him a lot he was a character in his own way but on the football field my dad say he was aggressive and now they all talk about it and have a good laugh. Over the bridge could write a book so many stories may he rip”, said Devon Oliver.

Colours were orange shirts and black pants. The shirts were sown locally by Miss Baby Christo and cost 4 dollars. The practice field was the Maturita ground on Pinto Rd.

The club played in the Arima Amateur Football League (AAFL) in the first division and its main rivals were Fulham and Glensdale.