Joyce Erlynne Rose Ramcharan

Mrs. Joyce Erlynne Rose Ramcharan (nee Thomasos) was born in Arima on September 26th, 1930. She was the first-born daughter of Clytus Arnold Thomasos (former Speaker of the House of Representatives) and Inez Thomasos (nee Austin).

Along with her parents and four sisters, Cynthia Ragoobarsingh (deceased), Gloria Pollard (deceased), Jeannette Forde, and Patsy Thomasos, Joyce grew up on Sanchez Street in the heart of Arima.

Her family fondly refers to her as the “Queen of Arima” because she devoted much of her life to serving its people.

She spent almost 40 years as a teacher. She began her teaching career in the small village of Talparo at the age of eighteen. From there, she transferred to the Arima Boys’ R.C. School where she eventually retired as Vice Principal.

On October 3rd 1949 she married Herman Ramcharan. They had four children, Carol, Keith (deceased), Jennifer and Amanda. The marriage lasted for 47 years until Herman’s death on August 8th, 1996.

Mrs. Ramcharan was an avid scouter. She was the Arima District Commissioner for several years, the Scout Troop Leader for the Arima Scouts and ran the Cub Scouts at the Arima Boys’ R. C. School until her retirement.

After her retirement from teaching, Mrs. Ramcharan followed her father’s footsteps and entered the realm of politics in the field of Local Government.

She served as Councillor for the Arima Central District and was the heart beat of the community. During her tenure in politics she also served as Deputy Mayor of Arima, passionately working towards the betterment of the chartered Borough.

She was instrumental in having the Hyarima statue designed and erected in its current location near the Velodrome.

In August, 1996, she received an award from the Arima Borough Council for her significant devotion in the sphere of Community Service.

Joyce Ramcharan was also socially active in the St. Augustine Soroptimist Club and the Arima Pensioners’ Club.

But her life was not only about community service. She was also an excellent cook and all who know her always speak in glowing terms about her famous sponge cake.

She still resides in her hometown of Arima.


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