Leslie Mitchell

Leslie Emmanuel Cosmas Mitchell was born in Arima on September 27th 1923. He was the son of Paul and Edith Mitchell (both deceased).

He received his Primary education at the Arima Boys’ Roman Catholic School before proceeding to the Hinds High School.

On leaving secondary school, he began his working career in the Teaching Profession at his alma mater, Hinds High School, where he taught a number of Arimians many of whom went on to make their marks in various fields of endeavour in Trinidad and Tobago.

On leaving the Teaching Service, Leslie joined the Board of Inland Revenue where he served for 35 years, first at the Siparia office where he was stationed for several years and later at the Head Office in Port of Spain.

After retiring from the Board of Inland Revenue and because of his love for his work in the field of taxation, he continued to prepare tax returns for several of his clients and friends at no cost.

He was also quite popular in Arima as a Justice of the Peace.

In 1956 he married Eugenia Baggoo, another Arimian. That union produced six children, David, Jennifer, Terrence, Dexter (deceased), Kester and Reuben.

He and his wife lived most of their married life at the family home on Queen Street in Arima, one block away from the Arima Dial.

He was also a lover of horse racing and worked on weekends for many years at the local race track.

The “Leslie Mitchell Street” in Malabar, has been named in his honour to celebrate his tremendous contribution to the development of the chartered Borough and its people.

After fifty one (51) years of marriage, Leslie Emmanuel Cosmas Mitchell passed away peacefully on April 5th 2006.

By Kazim Abasali

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