Lionel D’Arceuil

Lionel S. D’Arceuil was born in 1953 in Reid Lane, D’Abadie.

His parents were Leon Francis D’Arceuil and Gregoria Paponette.

He gained his education at Hinds Secondary School.

The name Lionel D’Arceuil, among the table tennis fraternity will always ring a bell for this player’s dedication, sense of commitment, skill especially defensively and offensively at times, but most importantly for his playing career which has spanned a period of over 26 years and, believe it or not, he is still ranked among the top ten players in the country.

Lionel is a product of the D’Abadie Community Centre. He then moved on to Tunapuna Tigers to improve his standard of play and finally helped form the B.W.I.A Table Tennis Club, which he still represents.

Among his local achievements are: –

* National Junior Table Tennis Title
* National Classified Singles “C” Class
* National Classified Singles “B” Class
* National Classified Singles “A” Class many times
* National Men’s Open Title
* National Mixed Doubles Title
* Many Men’s National Team Titles playing for Tunapuna Tigers
* Many Men’s National Team Titles playing for BWIA Giants
* National Men’s Doubles Title
* Silver Bowl Champion Twice (1998 & 1999)
* Sugar & Energy Festival Men’s Singles Champion (1999)
* National Rating at the End of 1999 (No.1)
* National Champion 2009 Ranked (1) at year-end.
Many more Titles not mentioned

International achievements are: –

* Guyana 1973 Caribbean Triple Champion Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles all Finals played the same night.
* Barbados: 1974 Losing Semifinalist men’s Singles, T& T won Men’s Team Title
* Nigeria 1975 Men’s Team Placed (11) Eleven out of (86) Eighty-six Countries
* Cuba 1976 Crowned Men’s Singles Champion.

He and his club mate C. Pugh have been the Men’s Doubles Champion for three consecutive doubles national championships in the early 2000’s.

He captained the Trinidad and Tobago team on several occasions and travelled to several countries including England, Germany, Mexico, Nigeria and China. Lionel is a wonderful club team player and he has contributed to the success of B.W.I.A Giants Table Tennis Club over the years.

He continues to pass on his wealth of table tennis experience to youths and once conducted coaching sessions in Grenada, At present, he is the coordinator of the Eastern Group of The Catholic Men’s Movement which has embarked on a project to spread Table Tennis around the country.

Lionel has two children, Sydeny and Janelle.

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