Mayor Wallen

Steve-Beq Clark

Greetings to all on this wonderful FB site.

Having researched my great-grandfather John Francis Wallen for many years, we still have some way to go on his own family past before he became Mayor of Arima and bought the Dial clock from Nice to be installed at the crossroads in 1908.

The problem with birth certificates etc. not being available online means we will have to come to Trinidad and Tobago ourselves (probably next year) to dig into the archives. We will then be able to meet some of the many Wallen descendants and extended family that we have discovered through the family tree so far. And there are so many!

It was through reading Bridget Brereton’s books as background research that we discovered Angelo’s articles on Sangre Grande in the T&T Guardian and hence then onto this site! It is at Sangre Grande that we believe J F Wallen had his cocoa plantation.

We have become totally captivated by the story of Trinidad itself from the Amerindians and Spanish, through the French planters influence and on to the British Colonial rule.

My own grandfather Otto Wallen (born 1896) who I was very close to, lived a very full and incredible life based in the UK from 1917 onward, but it was his early life in Arima and Port of Spain at Queens Royal College which undoubtedly set that amazing ball rolling and spinning!

And here we are, still enjoying the game! Kind Regards Beq (née Wallen).