This picture was taken from the Arima We For Facebook page and was posted by Flloyd Hernandez.

From the Cocorite Rd area.

“Mr. Charles/Slappy — and his Memphis team. The funny thing about this photo is that almost everyone here is known by their nickname. Who will name their child “mother son”? This football team was skilled for days!

Flloyd Hernandez: They are, as much as I could remember:

Standing: Courtney “Slappy” Charles, Wayne “Ray Moose”Ogiste, Michael “Beamer” Chance, Robert “B.O./Keeto” Joseph, “Mikie Rat” Highley, “Shiggy” Garcia, Castellano, “Tazzo”, Anthony “Jaw” Thomas (deceased), Leonard Celestine, Garvin “Chow” Morgan, Clyde “lakhan” Grant.

Stooping: Fenrick “Slappy Senior” Charles, “Banks” Peter Power, Pedro ‘mudda son’ Neverson-Liverpool, Shaben the goalie.

Edward Metivier:

Those were the glory days. I remember following this team all over Trinidad and many times Memphis fans outnumbering home team fans for our away games. Forest Reserve, Palo Seco, PSA grounds. So many good players, a complete team and good management. Chow was my favorite. I feel Fidel Auguste was the number 1 Memphis fan. The Goalie was Khan (forgot his first name), he worked at KFC when they sponsored. Missing Shabeen Dollabaille and Roger Lathullerie.

Jason Cummings:

Who remembered when Congo Man bust the net in a final against the Army in PSA Grounds? Who remembered when Chow fought the entire Army team in the velodrome?

From a post by Hemradge Gokool:

Edward Metivier:

A comparison between Santa Rosa FR and Memphis. That’s like asking me to compare today’s music with the music of the 70’s, the bias would be obvious. If I were to compare, I’d liken Rosa’s approach to the game more like the Germans, regimented, not too much flair but getting the result, whereas I’d liken Memphis to the South Americans, great individual skills, free flowing and entertaining for spectators, also getting good results.

Memphis Football Team – year? Front row L-R: #1)Keithos, #2)Banks, #3)Mickey Rat, #4)Peter “Pan” Powers, #5)Michael “Beamer” Dedier-Chance , #6)Khan. Middle row L-R: #1)”Slappy” Charles Father, #2)Liverpool “Motherson”, #3)Anthony “Tony” Thomas (Jaw), #4)Jack “Keinde” Castellano. Back row L-R: #1)”Slappy” Charles, #2)Keith Cornwall, #3)Julian “Shiggy” Garcia, #4)Cletus “Tazzo” Martin, #5)Garvin “Chow” Morgan, #6)Celestine, #7)Lakhan, #8)Wayne “Waymoose” Ogiste (Lightwork).