Music Video: “Arima Was”

A video to accompany the song “Arima Was” written by Melan Garcia. This live performance was recorded at the unveiling of the Hyarima statue.

Those were the halcyon days of Arima. Recognizable people were:

Beside the Garcia family and Santa Rosa Community Shaman Cristo Cristo Adonis, there were: Cricketers Larry Gomes and Phil Simmons.

Andrew Bruce athlete and media personality.

Calypsonians Lord Kitchener Aldwyn Roberts singer composer calypso, Samuel “Brigo” Abraham singer and composer of calypso, and Bunji (Ian Antonio Alvarez ‘Bunji Garlin” national and international soca, raggasoca, dancehall singer, producer, composer).

Ricardo Bharath Hernandez, Chief of the First Peoples.

Mr. Diaz the flagman, Maxie (in the yellow shirt).

Dame Louise Horne.

Media personalities, Neil Giuseppi and Jones P. Madeira, Holly Betaudier aka the Arima Kid radio and television personality. Started broadcasting from Chaguaramas during World War II.

Teacher Undine Giuseppi and Teacher Lucy (St Rita’s private school), Father Edward Foley (Principal of Holy Cross College).

Mayors Rose Janniere, Ashton Ford, Keith Denalli, Ello Edwards, George Hadeed, Edward Metevier, Adrian Cabralis, Leroy Morris, Norman Kistow, Egbert Alleyne and wife.

Members of Parliament: John Raphael, Rupert Griffith, Arnold Thomasos (speaker of the house), Jerry Narace, Penelope Beckles-Robinson.

Other notables: Ray Watkins, Monty Devenish, Greek, Ping, Gerard St. Louis aka Mad Dog, E Jay, Elma Ramsumair, Mr. Walker, Patricia Wong, Andre Belix, Roger Belix, Liza Beckles, Ms Joyce Ramcharan, Uncle Jap, Jemma Richardson.

Some Responses

A wonderful tribute to the town of Arima, and her many sons and daughters. Well Done! Cheers!

Aaaaaah so many Arima people. Feels good.  Oh this video is indeed a gem. I have to look at the video again to see all my Arima people.

Teacher Lucy was my first school teacher. St Rita’s Private School. She and her sister Ursella were great teachers.

Recognized a lot of faces. Thanks for sharing. Would like to know something about Senator Horne. Thanks.

Dame Louise Horne celebrated her hundredth birth a couple of years ago. She still came to Mass at Santa Rosa RC up to very recent. It is an honour and privilege to have heard her stories and to be in the presence of such a distinguished lady. A lady in the truest sense of the word.

Thanks for sharing the video. Many familiar faces including my mother and grandfather. Melan and his family did an awesome job of “Arima Was”.

I looked at this video so many times and each time my smile got wider lol so many memories and so many great people. Wow I love my age, my time and my era!!! Best years ever 70’s – 80’s baby!!!!! Thanks again Andy Garcia and others who produced this video.

I enjoyed viewing. so many, many familiar faces only “TRUE” ARIMIANS will recognize and appreciate. Well done.

I feel so blessed to be reminded of what a beautiful town I was brought up in, the family, friends, joy, peace and love it about time to come back, well done every one for putting this together I applause you all blessing.

This takes many of us way back and stimulates very strong nostalgia of some of the happiest years of our life growing up in Arima. There was the race track in Arima, the summer hut where we saw our first TV show, matinee at Princess and Windsor cinemas, the river limes at Ice Factory, to name a few and of course the interaction and positive influences from people in the video like Cliff Bertrand, Lennox Yearwood, Charlie Joseph, Ainsley Armstrong, Rupert Griffith, Earl John, Cecil Walker, Jones Madeira. Good to see also Neil Devonish, Neil Guiseppi, Ashton Ford, Laura Pierre, Brigo, Mr. Thomasos, our first Speaker of the House and Mayor Allen. Thank you all for the wonderful contribution you have made to Arima by adding to the heritage of which we are so very proud.

Great stuff! Congrats! A lot of familiar faces past and present.