Without a doubt, the high point of the steelband movement in Arima was in 1998 when Nutones became the National Panorama champions with an amazing arrangement by the late Clive Bradley.

On page 124 of his book Renegades, The History of the Renegades Steel Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago, author and pan historian anors incorrectly in my opinion recorded it as 1999.

At the time when Bradley was arranging for Nutones, I lived at Guanapo Street, just a stone’s throw away from Nutones’ panyard and it was pure joy listening to the band when they practised.

Sometimes it seemed as if there was no noise whatsoever as the different sections focussed upon practicing their parts.

Nutones won indeed with their rendition of “High Mas” by David Rudder. It was an amazing victory with a band comprising mainly school children, one of who was an eight-year old.