Pelewah Hill

Pelewah Hill is an area starting from The Orange (Orange Flats) and approaching Quesnel St.

Doon Pundit who founded the Arima Hindu school planted many peewah trees around his house during the forties and that’s how the hill got its name.

The school is located on Pelewah Hill (Temple St} There was also a Hindu Temple next to the school.

The first school that many of us from Over D Bridge ever attended was Hindu School.

There was a man who was a carpenter living at the corner. I think his name was Calvin Jack. He was also a celebrated and fearsome policeman. His mother was called Ma Jack.

Ma Jack lived next to the school and had a dirt oven and she always called children over for piece of bake.

There was a calabash tree on the boundary of a tapia house and the Browns: Ma Brown and her sons Alligator Teeth (Lenny Brown), Big Sax. and two other brothers. One was a fireman the other Hugh Frank was a big man at T&TEC.