Pink and Black

Home to many organizations and uses: Olive society, a church, a lodge, a barber shop and a school for secretarial courses.

It was Ms Mavis John private school before pink and black.

As children, a resident said the we used to wait right opposite there for “school maxi”.

Located at the corner of Woodford and Farfan streets.

It was so named after the colour of the school uniform. There was a secretarial school and a barber shop.

Many a secretary went there in the 70s. Those were memorable days.

Thanks for this memorable pic. This student was in the first batch of Pink and Black and proclaim that teaching was top notch and many of them left and gained employment with Private and Government agencies, from where you just move on to better things.

Another resident wrote that we practiced our Martial Arts under the tutelage of Sensei Tony there.

Pink and Black: Colour of uniform.

Name of school: International Institute of Commerce

Principal: Primatie Ramphal

Church: Church of Christ

Barber: Mr. Chaumette. One of the original students declared that Mr. Chaumette was a kind and gentle soul. Used to give the male students good advice.

This building was also used as a lodge for meetings. My dad was a lodge member there. Lodge members were very secretive people said one gentleman.

It was a lodge that rented the building to the other institutions.

The location of Pink and Black is still here for those students who are willing to pass through. It’s just a big people gathering area now.

Presently the building is occupied by a bar.