Teacher Lucy School – St. Rita’s Private School

” Good teachers can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.”

Located on Sanchez Street, Arima, opposite the late Speaker of the House of Representative’s home, St. Rita’s Private School was a starter school for many of Arima’s old families’ children.

Two sisters ran this old, wooden school with a large tamarind tree and outhouse located in the back yard. Teachers Lucy Prudent and her sister, Drucilla Knights.

It is interesting to note that these two motherly figures were very stern yet loveable. Teacher Lucy was short with her hair in a bun and wore glasses. Drucilla was a bit taller.

As early childhood educators, they were both instrumental in building a very strong foundation in the little minds and lives put in their care.

Children develop and grow through their early years. Both Teachers Lucy and Drucilla understood early childhood development and were able to communicate in concrete terms.

They were instrumental in providing the best support possible for any child.

In those days, uniforms were worn and we had our reading book with a slate in hand. Lucy and Drucilla saw what we as children needed at the different phases of development.

Truly it takes a village to raise a child.

When you look at today’s early childhood development milestones and changes unfolding, one can well be grateful that back in the 60’s we were able to be in the care of these two gems.

Since every child is different, they were both able, as the most effective teachers they were, to know how to look for patterns and milestones while working with our parents.

Lucy Prudent passed over ten years ago and her sister Drucilla in 2017. 

They have both run their full courses and many of us are here today, living testimonies of two of the greatest teachers in Arima back in the 60’s.

Teachers Lucy and Drucilla would be very proud of many of their students today. 

Our old wooden school with the tamarind tree and outhouse in the back is no more, but the legacy of these two admirable women will remain forever embedded in the lives of the many children who were blessed to have passed through their school’s doors.

Many of us may not remember what they may have tried to teach, but we will forever remember who they were.


Teacher Drucilla (Ursula)

Young students Jennifer A. Mitchell and older brother in school uniform. Check out her slate.