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Robert Rogers– Civil Service
Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers
Never missed a wake saying prayers for those dearly departed in our Arima Community.
Lodric Manicou, 
Ma Hennie
Ma Hennie
Ma Hennie


Just some of our beloved memorable Arima characters, with whom some of us grew up, and for whom we have a hidden admiration and a sincere respect. The memory of them lives on in our hearts. To the dearly departed – RIP. Those still alive – God bless you! They are part of us, our Arima.

Alligator Teeth, Aloo Pie, 
Baboogee, Battle Head, Bellybum, Big John, Big Samm, Bobotts, 
Born Free (Scaramouche), Bun Belly, 

Camma, Copper Head, Crazy Kenneth
Finnie, Fruits, 
Green Gun, 
Headley, Honey
Jango, Jetsam, 
Koyo, Kuluma, 
Lodric Manicou, 
Ma Didin, Mad John SinatraMahal, Ma Hennie, Mazeannie, Mozambique, 
OB, Old SoldierOle Moe, Orangibum, 
Pafoo, Pappit, Petite Douen, Popo, 
Shakespeare, Sharky (Emmanuel Harewood)
Tagee, Tannis, Tant Cicil, Tanty Rita, Tarangi, Teach, Tom, Tom Dooley
Tweet Tweet Scrapy Pangalang, 

Wasp, Waterman, 
Zambat, Zin