The Longest Drain In Arima

By Cliff Bertrand & Frank Christo

I, Frank Christo have edited the original post to include detailed information on the source of the drain provided by Cliff Bertrand.

Amendments include names of properties where the drain passes and also a bit of “horse racing” history/trivia in the canal.

The longest drain in Arima

Roget DeVertueil lands on the Ross Calvary Estate were the genesis of the Arima Canal.

There was a spring on the Ross’s Estate. The water trickled into two journeys.

One on the right traveling south to the back of the Arima R.C. Cemetery.

The other on the left traveled east across the Calvary Road down about 200 yards north of the 14th cross then through Mr. Allan’s property south downhill to a sharp left unto the Mikey Galera, Adonis Galera, and Ms. Paulina Galeras’ land as it jammed the Calvary Rd North of the 4th Cross.

Through Ms. Dedin’s’ property into Mr.Francisco Burges (son of Carib Queen Ms. Regina Burgess) lot to Ms. Ellin & her son Dennis‘s land.

It turns right between the Mr. Chung McPhersons’ and The MacMillan’s (Maxie) properties to Longden street.

Left on that street along the Rose, the John’s and under the Queen street roadway along the Paul (Assee), the Weekes, then right under the roadway of Longden street.

Left along the Chalarie Ma George property.It then turns sharp right behind Mr. Arddeys’ shop to the underpass of Prince and De Gannes street and Ice factory rd.

It flows down gearing right behind Milton Mosses back yard to the underpass of El Carmen street and bears left between former Mayor of Arima Lopez and the Gokools’ property and down through the Sorzano Street underpass to the Over the bridge underpass at Guanapo street.

It passes between Chooing and the Kennel Estates (tonca bean) behind the Darden’s and under Cocorite Rd bridge straight under the DeVertuiel east street bridge. straight between Quesnel Savannah, the Arima Horse Paddock to under Quesnel Street to Malabar and Queen Street junction straight down under Hines Private School Bridge.

(You can follow the rest from the original post).
The original post.

This drain (canal) starts at the bottom of Mt Pleasant Rd and is combined with the water off Calvary Hill which is diverted east along Longden St. It goes south under El Carmen St west of Prince St.

It next crosses Guanapo Rd next to Homes and Massy grocery.

At that point starts the area called Over de bridge and it is affectionately called Panama canal.

It continues south (getting larger as it collects more water) and crosses Cocorite Rd near the bottom of Devenish St.

It continues through the area that used to be around the paddock (De Verteuil St) and then Quesnel St into Lawerence Park running parallel to Caracciolo Ave and then across Salamat Ali to Malabar.

It flows past Malabar Rd towards La Chance Tr. and crosses O’meara Rd in the vicinity of Christina Gardens.

At this point, it is a little river and flows in the area behind Xtra Foods towards the CR highway near the racetrack.

At this point, it journeys to the Caroni river.

I am convinced that this water causeway was a natural river in the past before it was paved.

It drains the whole of the eastern part of Arima and is responsible for preventing floods in the area.

The Wood Canal Horse Race tracks breakdown:

  • Harold Sanchez home to Chalarie was The Santa Rosa Race track.
  • Shirvan Park Tobago was between Prince Street and El Carmen street.
  • Garrison race trace Barbados was between El Carmen Street and Sorzano Street.
  • Guanapo underpass to Cocorite Road was Union Park down Marabella.
  • Deverteuil Street to Malabar was Queens Park the Big Yard in Port of Spain.

Wood Horse Classification: run according to group classification:

  • Cedar Wood: B-class
  • Cyp Wood: C-class
  • Hog Plum Back: A-class
  • Immortelle Back: A-class
  • Bois Canno: C-class
  • Poui : A-class

Please feel free to make corrections. I am doing this out of memory from a very long time ago. Thanks Cliff Bertrand for your detailed information, the track names, and the horse classification.