The Slaughtery

Located on Industry street and referred as the slaughtery although the official name is the abattoir. The sign says Abattoir.

Cows and pigs are slaughtered there and the Health Inspectors came to inspect and to stamp the carcasses.

The family that lived in the house next to the abattoir moved to Mausica Rd and opened a chicken place. They were the Moore’s.

Many vendors would go there for blood to make black pudding. People who lived close by can hear the animals especially pigs screaming early in the morning while being slaughtered. Some folks would get tripe for free and that would be used for the Saturday pot of soup.

There were the traditional “butcher” families who would be there getting meat ready for the market. Some were the Ruiz from over the bridge, Raymond Maryuen, “Shirley” from Mausica and the Olivers also from over the bridge.

Many people would have cans where they collected the skin of different ground provisions which were collected by some of the butchers for feeding the pigs.

Here are some pictures of the slaughter as it is today: