Theophilus Rampersad

Theophilus Rampersad was born on May 20th, 1929 in Cumuto. His parents were Rose and Jules Rampersad. His family moved to Arima when Theophilus was three (3) years of age.

Theophilus had five siblings. He was the 2nd child and the last to pass away.

Theophilus was educated at Arima Boys’ Government School (ABG). He went through the monitor system.

While being a monitor at Arima Boys’ Government School, Theophilus was ambitious and sought to improve his lot in life. So he took up agriculture (planted garden) as a way to invest in his future. From the sale of his agricultural produce, he invested the money in Rapid Results correspondence courses in England. This was the General Certificate of Education (GCE) in Ordinary and Advanced Levels. He eventually won a Scholarship to the University of the West Indies (UWI). There Theophilus gained a University Degree.

On completion of his degree, he was sent to Woodbrook Secondary School and taught there for four (4) to five (5) years.

He was transferred to Tunapuna Government Secondary where he taught for over twenty (20) years. He retired at Tunapuna Government Secondary in 1985.

Altogether the schools at which Theophilus taught included Blanchisseuse Government School, Arima Boys’ Government School, Arima New Government School, Woodbrook Secondary School, and Tunapuna Government Secondary.

Theophilus was a Roman Catholic to the bone and had abounding faith. Theophilus loved his gardening for it was the means that helped him to succeed and triumph in life. His story is an inspiration to others. He used his humble beginnings as a stepping stone to what he wanted to accomplish.

He was also an avid reader. His major was West Indian and European History.

Cheriel Kowlessar is his only biological child, who also chose West Indian and European History as her Elective at Valsayn Teachers’ College. He has one grandchild – Yolanda Paul.

Theophilus Rampersad passed away on April 18th, 2014.

Teachers of Arima Boys’ Government School. #1 Eugene Laurent, #2 Edmund Springer, #3 Theophilus Rampersad, #4 Thelma Mark, #5 Baby James, #6 Elsie Henry, #7 Mr. Denalli, #8 Harry Cumberbatch, #9 Ray Watkins, #10 Mr Yuton Dow, #11 Mark Marin, #12 Lloyd Goodridge, #13 Henry Peters and #14 P. Alladin

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