Vincent Edwards


Vincent Hartley Edwards was born in Arima on January 22nd, 1915.

His father passed away when Vincent was a child and he grew up under the guidance of his mother, Helen Hayes-Edwards.

He was one of five children. His siblings were Violet, Marie, Alfred and Carl.

He attended the Arima Boys’ Roman Catholic School before going off to the St. Jude’s Private School in Arima for his secondary education. He later obtained a London Matriculation Certificate.

On November 30th, 1941, he married Lucy Assee. Out of that union were born eight children, Wayne, Hyacinth, Carmet, Ray, Hazel, Terence, Elvin and Kurt.

His contribution to the world of employment began with short stints as a teacher and as a Clerk at the Warden’s Office in Arima. He soon realised, however, that his real calling was in the field of Labour Relations.

He joined the Ministry of Labour and rose to the position of Commissioner of Labour which he held for several years.

He was later appointed as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour.

Over the years, his expertise in the field of Labour Relations saw him serving as a Labour Consultant at Caroni Limited and conducting a series of labour-related assignments at the Port Authority and the Industrial Court.

On leaving the Ministry of Labour, he entered the private sector as Personnel Manager of British Petroleum where he also served as a member of the Board of Directors.

An avid sportsman, Vincent Edwards excelled in football and earned himself the nickname of “The Lion”, a testament to his incredible ability to kick a football powerfully with either foot with equal aplomb.

He was also a talented cricketer and always encouraged his children to participate actively in sports. He was also a master at playing cards with Gin Rummy and Bridge being among his favourite pastimes.

Vincent Hartley Edwards passed to the Great Beyond on October 4th, 1995.

By Kazim Abasali

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