Whirlwinds Combo

From left to right. Parry on keyboards, Irving belle Smythe next to him. John St Hilaire on guitar. Norman de Souza in black, Cade Mathura next to him. Gene on congas, Leroy Porter on guitar, Henry on guitar, Tony Cezair on drums, Nello (the short one). One of those guys is Tony Lezama.

Worldwinds Combo was from Nettoville. They used to play upstairs of Faustin’s Restaurant @ the Corner of Queen and Broadway Streets which is presently Hadeed’s Mall.

The Angostura rum, Bond 10, was the kind sponsor of a major competition called Bond 10 Combomania. Our Arima band Worldwinds led by Tony Cezair came 3rd.
The Morvant based band Dean and the Celebrities was the winner.